Membership Application for The Orthodontic Exchange Study Group
Thank you for your interest in joining The Orthodontic Exchange Study Group. It has been amazing to be a part of the unbelievable growth, knowledge, and networking that is taking place.

The purpose and benefit of the geographic exclusivity is to allow for open and honest discussion much deeper than other forums. Without you having geographic exclusivity to your area there is no way to assure that what you post isn’t read by a direct competitor, even if they currently aren’t a member of that forum, as they could join in the future and read archives. Post carefully in non-exclusive groups. Information learned in our group is for members of the group only and not to be shared in anyway with anyone outside of the group. Failure to do this will result in removal from the group. Active participation is also expected by the members. A member's risks loss of membership if significant lack of participation is noted.

Note: New membership is exclusive to orthodontists who are practice owners.

Dues for The Orthodontic Exchange Study Group are $5000 annually (or $417/month) for membership and geographic exclusivity of your area. With this you get access to:

OE Facebook Groups (the main page, OE Align page, OE business maven page)

OE Intranet Website
-A go-to hub for our group’s collection of training documents, marketing material, member bios/locator map, patient financing tools, blog, and more

OE Partnerships with:
Mari’s List
Specialty Appliance
NEO Labs
Neon Canvas Media and Marketing
more continually added

OE Annual Meeting (top notch ideas, top notch fun)
OE exclusive CE events
OE exclusive social gatherings at AAO and other large national events

If you are interested in being a part of The Orthodontic Exchange Study Group, please fill out the following application to be considered for membership. If you haven't already, take the time to speak with friends who are in the group to learn more about what we are all about.

After receiving and processing your application, if you are a candidate for membership and your area is available, I'll let you know and get you added and introduced to the group. If we are not currently accepting new members we will get you on the waitlist for your area. Know that if you don’t find you will get a dramatic return on your ROI within a couple of months of joining the group I’d be happy to refund your dues in full, although I am certain you will as no one has ever taken me up on that.

Please feel free to email or message me on Facebook with any questions.

Dr. David Butler DMD MS
President - The Orthodontic Exchange Study Group
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