Deanna Danger Productions Photo Session Booking Form
Hello & thanks so much for clicking through to book with Deanna Danger Photography! This page will walk you through session info, collect *your* info, and get us set up for the booking. Please read thoroughly, a pdf of these policies will be emailed with booking confirmations.

šŸ”¹ $50 deposit at time of booking.
šŸ”¹ Balance due 24 hours prior (deposit non-refundable, transferable up to 365 days from cancel date).
šŸ”¹ Once client confirms at booking for trade discount and/or promotional trade usage, this decision is final
šŸ”¹ $25/hour - Additional session time / editing / distance over 45mins.
šŸ”¹ Session times include lighting and all setup / clean up.
šŸ”¹ Please arrive / be photo-ready by shoot start time to maximize our time allotment.
šŸ”¹ One guest for assistance / comfort welcome.
šŸ”¹ PG - XXX rated welcome!
šŸ”¹ Pose coaching (compassion based / trauma informed).
šŸ”¹ Basic retouching included with each session.
šŸ”¹ High res watermarked delivery in about 14 days.
šŸ”¹ $50 additional - High res un-watermarked available for performers / print customers (commercial client work / non-promotional).
šŸ”¹ All clients booking with trade discount and/or promotional trade usage shall sign a photography waiver.
šŸ”¹ Consultation / planning via video (30 minutes max) scheduling at booking.
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