Grow with us at Surreal Resolution
If you're reading this, it means you're probably interested in joining our team. What is Surreal Resolution? Surreal Resolution is a multimedia website that launched in 2016. We write and discuss the latest in video games, music, animation, and movies. We are currently looking for talent to help us do designs, audio editing, and writing. All information submitted will remain confidential, only being analyzed by the development team.

Please note: all positions are non-paying. This is a project done out of passion.

MOST WANTED (as of 9/23/17)
1) Writer with a focus on gaming for modern consoles (PS4, Xbox One, Switch).
2) Writer with a focus on PC gaming. A sufficient PC build is required to run modern PC releases.
3) Writer with a passion for the Xbox One platform and community. A deep knowledge of Xbox IP is required.
4) Audio editor for Surreal Resolution podcasts, as needed.
5) Video editor/producer for upcoming Surreal Resolution projects. New ideas for video projects welcomed.

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