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Application form for the Programmed Robotics in the School Makerspace (PRISM) Program. Please note, we have already filled our summer '20 program, but we encourage you to apply for the summer '21 and '22 programs, as we are building those rosters at this time. If someone accepted for the summer '20 program drops out, we will contact you about moving into the summer '20 program as an alternate. Please consult with the colleagues at your school before applying, as we only have enough funding to train one educator and two student leads from each school at our summer institute, and to provide each school with four robotics kits. If multiple educators apply from the same school, only one will be able to participate in summer training for a stipend, however multiple educators are welcome to participate in the implementation of a maker club and robotics activities during the following school year.
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School Name and Address (Alexander, Burke, Caldwell, and Catawba Counties are targeted, but educators in neighboring counties are also encouraged to apply if they feel they can travel to a summer institute in Hickory with two student leads): *
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Your Role at this School (e.g., Media Coordinator, Tech Facilitator, 8th Grade Science Teacher, CTE Teacher) *
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Our summer institute will be repeated in Hickory in summer 2020, 2021, and 2022. The summer 2020 program is full. Please indicate in which FUTURE year you are interested participating (2021 or 2022). *
Does your school currently have a maker club, and if so, where it it held (e.g., a makerspace in the media center, a computer lab, a teacher's classroom)? It's okay if your school does not have a maker club, as seeding more maker clubs into the schools is a goal of our grant. *
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Briefly describe any related work you may be doing at your school with robotics or making? Will the robotics introduced in this program help to expand on any current programming (i.e., Cubelets, mBot, Sphero RVR, LEGO EV3)? If you are not currently working in these areas, you can indicate N/A for not applicable. *
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Please indicate your understanding of the following program benefits by checking the box next to each item: *
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I understand that I will receive 2.5 days of training on the different robotics platforms at a summer institute in Hickory between June 15-17, 2020 (unless you are applying for a future summer's program). I will receive $150 per day or $450 total stipend for participating in this institute.
I understand that I will receive four robotics kits to use in starting up or expanding a maker club at my school. This equipment will become the property of my school and can be retained after the grant ends.
I understand that the students in my club will have the support of inter-school FlipGrid boards for each robotics platform, allowing them to share their project successes with other schools, receive feedback, and participate in robotics challenges shared by other schools.
I understand that the teacher mentors in this project will have the support of a Slack community to ask/answer questions about the robotics platforms, and to share resources.
I understand the program is sponsoring a spring field day in Hickory at NCCET and will try my best to bring my club members to this event if possible within our school schedule ($800 available per school for substitutes/transportation).
Please indicate your understanding of the following program requirements by checking the box next to each item: *
I understand.
I understand that I will need to recruit two student leaders from my school to attend the summer institute with me (students attend two days on Tues-Wed, teachers attend two and a half days Mon through Wed).
I understand that I am being asked to sponsor a maker club at my school the year after training, and hold bi-weekly meetings with a goal of ten additional club members beyond the two trained students.
I understand that I will be asked to participate in a half-day mid-year meeting in Hickory on a Saturday to update NC State contacts and the project's external evaluator on my club's progress, and to discuss barriers/difficulties encountered ($150 stipend provided for my participation).
I understand that I will be asked to send home a student/parental consent form, and ask consenting club members to fill out a pre-post survey of robotics/coding knowledge and STEM interests.
I understand the project's external evaluator may contact me to request a site visit to observe students working with the robotics equipment during one of my club meetings.
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