2019 Entry Form
Use this form for your school's first 20 entries. When you are finished with a single entry, at the bottom click "Add Another Entry" if you have more entries OR "No, All Done." When finished with your last or 20th entry (whichever comes first), hit "SUBMIT" to finish. ENTRY LIMIT: UNLIMITED. However, this form holds up to 20 entries. If your school has between 21 and 40 entries, you will use this form twice. Between 41 and 60 entries, use this form three times. Between 61 and 80 entries, use this form four times, and so on. Be sure to hit "No" and "SUBMIT" at the end of the 20th, 40th, 60th and 80th entries.
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Use the spaces below for your first entry. If this is your only entry, hit "No, All Done" and "SUBMIT." If you have more entries, hit "Yes," and Student Entry #2 will pop up.
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