Project/Collaborator Survey Fall 2016
We'll be using this form to create the teams for GlowLime's Fall 2016 development cycle.

GlowLime Games is a student run game development studio serving the Five College area. Check us out on the web:

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Which GlowLime Games projects are you interested in working on?
Read more about the projects here: GlowLime Games projects receive the full support and resources the GlowLime management team can provide. We will do our best to offer collaborators a position on a game they want to work on, however checking more games increases your chances of receiving such an offer.
Which GlowLime Match projects are you interested in working on?
Read more about about the projects here: GlowLime Match projects are not affiliated with GlowLime Games. By checking these projects, you agree to GlowLime sharing you email address with the project owners so that they may contact you.
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