NBLB Officer Application
This is the application to enter yourself into the ballot for NBLB officer. This is for Upperclassmen Only (Juniors and Seniors) and for the positions of Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, and Presidential-Elect. Vice President needs to be free to work many hours out side of school with the President in order to help the club and its members, and is a Senior Only position. Secretary is in charge of the email account, facebook page, and records all information discussed during both on campus and off campus meetings. Treasurer is in charge of the monthly events and managing the budget and supervising fundraisers. Historian will be in charge of publicity and record keeping, they will also attend the student senate on the club's behalf. Presidential-Elect is a Junior Only position and works with the President and Vice-President exclusively to learn how to manage the club for the following year, and attends all officer meetings to observe and put input into the events.
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