Artist Lottery Application - Spring Open Artist Showcase 2020
This is the online application to apply for the 2020 Spring Open Artist Lottery.


Please fill in all the required fields, including if you are applying as a solo performer, and whether you have previously produced work at Off Center for the Dramatic Arts.

There are four 60 minute performance slots available in the festival. All artists are chosen at random at a public lottery draw. Artists may submit an application for a group piece, AND an application for a solo piece. If both are selected, the artist would have to choose which piece they would rather perform at OC, relinquishing the second performance slot to the next artist on the waiting list. If your application is selected, you may still perform in another artist's Spring Open piece if you so choose.

The first drawing will pull from all solo artist applications.

The second drawing will pull from group applications who have produced work at OC before, as a way to give back to the community of artists that OC has built.

The third drawing will pull from group applications who have never produced work at OC before, as a way of expanding our reach to new artist groups.

The final drawing is a “Second chance” drawing, when ALL the applications that were NOT selected are thrown back into the jar for one last pull. It complements the ethos of OC: chaos, community, and a little extra luck. :)

The public lottery and party will take place on February 21, 2019. Check the Off Center website and Facebook page for event location.

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