Oregon Dance Film Commission - Filmmaker Application

Please read everything below to make sure the ODFC is the right fit for you.

Portland Dance Film Fest will select two Oregon-based individuals - one filmmaker and one choreographer - to film, edit, color, and finalize a 2-8 minute dance film by September 2020 to be screened during the 2020 festival.

Oregon Dance Film Commission came from the desire to offer a platform for Oregon artists interested in working in the field of Dance Film. ODFC is for artists who have never made a professional dance film but are already established in the field of filmmaking or choreography. The collaborative aspect between filmmaker and choreographer is central to this project. The goal of ODFC is for two artists who normally would not have come together to make a Dance Film, join forces, learn what is it to work together, and create a new and unique work. It is PDFF's role to offer support, guidance, a timeline/deadline, promotion, and a world premiere screening within the Festival.

As a recipient of the Oregon Dance Film Commission, you agree to participate in an introduction to dance filmmaking with local screendance artist, Robert Uehlin. In this introduction, Robert will share the fundamental elements of effective screendance and a technique for meaningful screendance collaboration. Together, you will learn how to define your collaborative style, uncover a common intent, create a working outline, develop your outline into a rough draft, and iterate your draft into documents that prepare you for a successful shoot. Some time will also be devoted to general best practices for capturing dance on camera. Ultimately, the goal of this introduction will be to help you and your collaborator find common ground regarding your goals, your methods, your expectations, and what you might do if something goes wrong. And, it will be fun!

While it is our goal to eventually be able to fund the whole project, at this time we can offer the recipients a modest stipend as well as assistance with renting equipment. Throughout the filmmaking process there will be several check-in points, as well as constructive critique.


$2,000 stipend towards film.
One-on-one collaborative screendance guidance with Robert Uehlin.
Equipment rental stipend.
Overall support to the success of the film.
World Premiere screening at PDFF 2020 Festival.
Collaborators will be promoted on PDFF media outlets.
Festival passes to 2020 PDFF.

18 years of age or older.
An Oregon, USA resident and must reside full time in Oregon from February through September.
Preferable for artists to live in and around Portland.
Mandatory to travel to Portland for Artist meet ups and Guidance meet ups with Robert Uehlin.
Must be willing to donate some of your resources towards the project.


Applications open: November 15, 2019
Applications close: January 5, 2020
Recipients announced: January 21, 2020
Film Creation: January 22 - September 13 with monthly check-ins
Film Premier: October 2020 during Portland Dance Film Fest
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