ARSET Advanced NDVI Homework 2
Please complete all of these questions and submit the form to receive credit. The first few questions refer to the lecture review and the remaining questions refer to specific steps within the homework handout. Homework must be submitted by March 2nd, 2016.
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1. For Landsat 4, 5, and 7 which band is the Near Infrared band? *
2. For Landsat 8 which band is the Near Infrared band? *
3. Where can you obtain Landsat images? *
4. Which QGIS function do you use to add multiple Landsat bands as one layer? *
5. Explain what the Raster/Extraction/Clipper function does. *
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6. Where could you find the mean value for band 5 of your Landsat image within QGIS? *
7. The NDVI values of a recently burned area within a healthy forest will be_____________. *
8. Using the RdYlGn color palette in the color map portion of the Properties/Style tab of your Calaveras_ndvi layer, what color indicates a recently burned area? *
9. What is the mean value of the Calaveras_ndvi layer? Where can you find this information? *
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10. Explain how you would use an NDVI image for your study area. What types of additional files would you need to make a map of this region (e.g. National Park boundary file, previous wildfire ignition points layer, land use layer)? *
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