Donna Hornsby Joint Technology Project Award

Purpose: To promote the use of technology in the library media center by teachers and students; to increase cooperative planning among library media specialists and teachers; and to enhance the acquisition of information skills.

Award: $400.00 to be used jointly by the library media specialist(s) and teacher(s) applicants awarded at the Summer Refresher Awards Banquet.

Application: Joint submission by a school library media specialist who must be a current KASL member and a teacher (or team of teachers). Must be submitted by April 15.
Name of project *
Name(s) of school librarian(s) *
Is the librarian a current member of KASL? *
Name(s) of teacher(s) *
Name of Principal/Administrator *
Name of school *
School address *
School phone *
Total school enrollment *
Number of students involved in project *
Were there any students involved in the project with 504s/IEPs? *
Grade level(s) of students involved *
1. Describe the goals of the project in terms of information skills, 21st century goals, learner outcomes, curriculum and library media center technology. *
2. Describe the joint planning between the library media specialist(s) and teacher(s). *
3. What was the school principal's role/endorsement in the project? *
4. Describe the implementation process, including students involved and activities using library media center technology. *
5. Describe the tangible results in terms of 21st century learning, specific learner outcomes, curriculum enhancement, information skills, improved library/classroom relationships, etc. *
6. Give complete information about the library media center technology used for this project. *
7. Make recommendations to anyone who may wish to emulate your program-problems, successes, changes you would make, etc. *
8. Explain means of evaluating results, plans to continue or expand project, etc. *
9. Detail the costs, funding sources, outside assistance, teachers/library media specialist time, scheduling, etc. *
10. Provide links to show any documentation, photos, testimonials, etc. that you wish to share. *
11. Is the project being considered for any other award, or has it received any other award or formal recognition? If so, give details and results. *
By submitting this application, you must agree to allow publication of the project description in KASL NEWSLETTER with full credit given to the sources of the application. Do all the persons involved, including your administrator, give their permission to publicize this project? *
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