Christian Female Sexuality Survey
This survey is designed to answer the question, am I the only one going through this? This is to create a dialogue for women who possibly don't have one at the church they attend, or at all. The questions may seem 'cold' and clinical but this is intentional so there is no judgement. Your sexual background or even who you are having sex with right now does not disqualify you from the love of God (Romans 8:38). The purpose of this is to get statistics and personal advice from a variety of women to strengthen each other with advice on how to keep God as the focus of our lives even when it's difficult to control our desires. The data will be compiled and used to write a book. No question is compulsory and if any question causes you spiritual anguish please move on or even stop where you are and submit. But please, we'd love as much information as we can so we can help as many women as we can.
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