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This application is for those of you interested in working with me in my individual life coaching program. It is intended to provide me with information about you and your goals, a bit about the work you have already done, and your willingness to achieve those goals. It will help me to see if and how I can support you in reaching those goals.

I also see these questions as something that might allow you to get more clear on what you are looking for and how determined you are to get where you want to go :)

After reading through your answers, I will send you an email. If I see I can support you on your journey, I will prepare an offer best suited for your needs and invite you to an initial consultation. If I see we are not a fit to work together, I will prepare some recommendations that might suit you better.

In case you would prefer to send your answers written in an email, you are welcome to do so and email them to

Privacy Statement:
I will keep all the information you trust me with private and only use it to see if we can work together. If we reach an agreement to cooperate, I might use the information to support you on your journey. If we don't agree, I will delete the data.
I act in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDP Regulation) and the existing Slovenian Law on Data Protection (ZVOP-1).
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Why did you chose coaching?
What do you want to achieve through coaching - what is your goal? *
What have you tried so far to achieve this goal?
What is your best understanding of why it hasn't worked?
What are the top three things you want to change in your life? *
How committed are you to reach your goal(s), make changes, transform? *
Not that much
Very committed
What's it worth for you to reach your goals?
Are you willing to see yourself as having power rather than being a victim?
Are you open to energy work (energy support)?
Clear selection
What kind of arrangement are you looking for?
How much money are you willing and able to invest in reaching your goals at this time? *
How much time are you willing to invest in reaching them at this time? *
What time zone are you? What would be the best time for you to meet with me? (Feel free to put in some time frames including your preferred days of the week.) *
Is there anything else you would like me to know?
Thank you for completing the form. I will contact you shortly. Kind regards. Manca
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