Southside Community Garden Membership Application
Please note that one membership can mean one individual, one household, a family, or an organization.
Name (primary gardener)
Name (secondary gardener)
Please list all other members of your household/organization who might use or be present in the garden and their age if under 18.
Do you speak any other languages?
What is your primary language?
How long have you lived in Williamsburg?
Which of these areas of the garden are you most interested in helping with?
Do you have a vehicle that you would offer for garden purposes?
Clear selection
Do you have any special skills you feel will be especially useful for the garden? (specific gardening experience, landscaping, carpentry, educational, etc)
Are you able to commit to being at the garden for 2 hours per month on Saturdays 11am - 3pm to help with open hours?
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If not Saturdays, when is another time you are available on a weekly basis?
Are you willing to commit to caring for the communal spaces of garden?
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Are you willing to commit to caring for the proper usage of our composting system?
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To complete membership, gardeners must complete 4 initial volunteer hours at the garden, pay suggested $10 dues, and agree to the garden bylaws.
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