4/6 Daily Challenges (4/6-4/10)
The 4/6 daily challenges from the comfort of your own home. As always, no looking up answers or asking others for clues! This must be filled out by Friday 4/3 at 6pm (although you can do them all as soon as you get them). Good luck and remember there is candy waiting for you at Heath for every right answer!
What is your name?
Mappy Monday: There are two coin mints in the United States responsible for designing and printing the bulk of our country's pocket change. Name one of the cities that houses these two factories. (Hint: Coins are printed with either a P or a D to mark which mint they come from).
Topical Tuesday : Last week, this professional sports league (example: NBA) hosted its draft virtually on ESPN giving fans a chance to see inside players, coaches, and owners homes.
Wordy Wednesday : Unscramble XKBEOTOT
Trivia Thursday : What Oregon city was named as the result of a coin flip. Heads it was going to be named Boston. Tails it was named what is currently known as today.
Fact or Fiction Friday : Saturn is the only planet in our solar system that spins clockwise
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