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As a service to our community, ARTxFM DJs read Public Serice Announcements twice an hour. Any registered nonprofit organization may use this form to submit PSAs for consideration on our noncommercial station. Evergreen PSAs may provide general information about an organization and its activities. Short term PSAs may detail specific not-for-profit events. We encourage nonprofits to submit both.

According to the Federal guidelines of our noncommercial FM license, WXOX 97.1 FM can inform the public about other organizations but we cannot encourage folks to buy goods or donate money to any nonprofit other than our own. Therefore, PSAs including prices and fundraising incentives will not be accepted. We do, however, encourage the inclusion of Websites where our listeners can learn more about your organization or event.

Because this public service is provided exclusively to nonprofit organizations, we ask that you not include mentions of any other businesses, brands, or organizations. ARTxFM reserves the right to amend public service announcements to adhere to station policy and FCC law. While we try to get as many announcements on air as possible, there is no guarantee that your PSA will be broadcast. DJs are permitted to select which two PSAs they read each hour and they tend to favor announcements which are short and sweet.

More information and PSA examples can be found here:

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