Baltic+ SEAL survey of user requirements
Welcome to the Baltic+ SEAL online survey, funded by European Space Agency (ESA). We greatly appreciate you taking the time to provide us with any insights regarding your present and future use of altimeter sea level data.

The goal of the Baltic+ SEAL project is to create and validate a novel multi-mission sea level product for the Baltic Sea in order to improve the performances of the current state-of-the-art of the ESA efforts in this sense: the Sea Level Climate Change Initiative (SL_cci).

The new dataset will consist of time series of sea surface height distributed as a multi-mission gridded product and the along-track data from each satellite mission is taken into account. The time span covers the full altimetry era up to the present (over 25 years of data). Data will be distributed for free in NetCDF format. The objective is to provide users with no previous experience of altimetry data handling with the possibility of exploitation of a sea level dataset which is up to date with the current advances of the field (such as dedicated processing of coastal and sea-ice covered areas).

The Baltic+ SEAL project is conducted by five partners: Technical University of Munich, Technical University of Denmark, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Danish Meteorological Institute and University College Cork.

The aim of this survey is to identify potential applications for the new sea level dataset, reinforce ties with the user community and possibly optimise our procedure according to their needs. We very much appreciate your involvement through completing this survey, and look forward to analysing the results and the suggestions.

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Please answer all questions in English.
What type of organisation are you based at?
Country of your organisation?
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Which marine sectors are you active in? (multiple answers possible)
Which kind of Ocean Remote Sensing data have you used (if any)? (multiple answers possible)
Which kind of Sea Level data have you used?
Which are the sources of sea level data you have used? (multiple answers possible)
Which applications do you use sea level data for (in your past, present or future work)? (multiple answers possible)
Which area of the Baltic Sea are applying to your research or products? (multiple answers possible)
What is the spatial scale of your applications?
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Mention two main issues with the sea level datasets you are currently using, or have used in the past.
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Name two features that you like about sea level datasets you are currently using, or have used in the past.
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What is an acceptable spatial resolution of a sea level dataset useful for your application?
What is an acceptable time resolution of a sea level dataset useful for your application?
Which is an acceptable distance to the coast at which the sea level data should be reliable for your application?
What format do you prefer sea level datasets to be delivered in?
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Please indicate if you are interested in the provision of the following additional datasets (multiple answers possible):
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