Study Abroad Proposal for New SPU Programs
This application is for the purpose of proposing new SPU faculty-led study abroad Global Seminars, summer, or quarter-long programs and should be completed by the program director. If there is more than one faculty leader for this program, please only submit one proposal. Prior to submitting a proposal, faculty directors should review the Study Abroad Policy Guide (available on the study abroad website), and discuss their intent to submit a proposal with the study abroad director and their department chair. Completed proposals are due by November 1 for programs offered the following summer and academic year. It's never too early to submit your proposal!

Program directors will work closely with the study abroad director to determine program feasibility and consistency with academic, financial, and strategic priorities. We will work together to identify a program provider or in-country host and determine the itinerary, logistics, program inclusions, and budget. Providers and hosts must be approved by the study abroad director and university counsel.

All new programs will need chair, dean, and curriculum committee approval to move forward. Given the limitations on staff and resources, it is possible that not all programs will be advanced to the next stage of consideration.

Strong proposals include:
1) Clear and thoroughly laid out academic goals that are enhanced by the program location.
2) Program directors have strong ties to and familiarity with the program site.
3) A well thought out assessment of the risk involved in and associated with the program.
4) A plan that outlines housing and transportation preferences, classroom space requirements, group excursions, and field trips.
5) Courses that generally mirror those taught on campus in terms of academic rigor. Elements of tourism are inevitable, but facilitating academic study abroad programs is a high priority of SPU Study Abroad.
6) Unique and specific opportunities to enhance course content.
7) Program goals are clear and fit well into departmental and university goals and mission.
8) A thorough and comprehensive pre-departure orientation and re-entry plan.

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