Assessment in Higher Education Conference Evaluation
Please take a few moments to give us feedback on your overall conference experience. Your input will help us make improvements for next year.
1. What compelled you to participate in this conference? (choose all that apply)
2. How did you hear about this conference (choose all that apply)
3. What are the most important things you learned at the conference?
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4. How do you think you will use what you learned at the conference in your work?
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5. How valuable was this experience for the registration fee paid
6a. Would you recommend this conference to a colleague?
6b. Please explain your answer regarding recommendation of the conference.
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7. What topics would you like to see presented next year?
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8. What did you like about the conference that should be kept next year?
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9. What recommendations do you have for improving this conference next year?
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10. As we consider timing for next year's conference, please let us know what month would be best. (Check all that apply)
11. Please comment on parking? What worked well? What was challenging?
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12. Please comment on the mobile website created for the assessment ( Please share what you liked about it and what could be improved.
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13. Are you a New England College Faculty or Staff Member?
14. Did you know that New England College had master's and doctoral programs in K-12 and higher education?
15. If you would like to learn more about master's and doctoral programs in K-12 and higher education, please share your name and email address.
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