Impact of Gender Role Ideology on Attitudes Toward Marriage Among Malaysian Young Adults
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You are invited to participate in this research project entitled ‘Impact of Gender Role Ideology on Attitudes Toward Marriage Among Malaysian Young Adults’. The primary objective of this research is to examine how one’s gender role ideology impacts their attitudes toward the notion of marriage, specifically among young adults in Malaysia.

Your involvement in this project would be reading and filling in first the consent form, and subsequently, answering this questionnaire. The survey will take approximately 15 minutes to finish. You are allowed to withdraw from this research anytime, without providing any reason.

There are no known benefits nor risks for you in this research project, but your participation and honest answers shall greatly contribute to fostering knowledge in the field of psychology. There shall be no costs whilst you participate in this research, other than your time. However, as you fill in this online survey, questions concerning gender role ideology might cause discomfort if you perceive the subject to be sensitive. You have the right not to proceed with the survey.

The results of this research may be published, but you may be assured that the anonymity of the participants and the complete confidentiality of data gathered in this investigation is an absolute priority. To further ensure the participants’ anonymity and confidentiality, no identifiable information will be collected. Moreover, data collected will be kept in a password-protected laptop and participants will remain anonymous. Information such as email addresses and IP addresses will not be collected to protect the anonymity of the participants.

The project is being carried out as a requirement for the course or degree course credit towards attaining a bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Taylor’s University by Chelcie Jhune C. Zarandona ( under the supervision of Ms Pang Chia Yee, who can be contacted at She will be pleased to discuss any concerns that you may have regarding your participation in the project.

The project has been reviewed and approved by Taylor’s University Human Ethics Committee. (Reference No. HEC 2022/054)

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