Lakeside Elective Selection Form 17-18
All Lakeside students grades 6-8 will be able to select the elective courses they would like to have for the upcoming school year. Please read the course descriptions and rate your choices from 1-5, 1 representing the choices you LOVE. You will be assigned elective courses based on your preferences and the availability of courses. Please understand that these are requests and are not guaranteed.

**Note: If you are in choir, band, GT, and/or AVID, your elective courses may be limited or unavailable due to conflicts with the schedule. Please give us your preferences below in the event that your schedule will allow us to enroll you in the courses.

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Introduction to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)
Students will be introduced to the basics of STEM: Science Technology Engineering Mathematics. They will learn the basics of coding, robotics, and engineering through collaborative projects and challenges drawing upon STEM and 21st Century skills. Students will engage in makerspace activities and personalized learning experiences, and they will create and publish their work digitally.
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Through cross-curricular learning activities, students will focus on digital safety and citizenship while learning to create, collaborate, and communicate with Google’s core apps- including Drive, Docs, Slides, Sites, and Sheets.
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Students will use various hand building techniques to create three-dimensional clay art pieces. Students will create both functional and non-functional works. Beginners welcome.
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Speed Typing
Learn how to!
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Beginning Guitar
The course will provide students with an opportunity to explore the fundamentals of guitar performance, reading traditional notation, understanding the musical concepts of melody, harmony, rhythm and form and to develop an understanding for many styles of music.

MATERIALS NEEDED: Students MUST have an acoustic guitar for home practice.

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Piano/Keyboard Class
Designed for students who wish to develop basic piano playing skills , or expand on their existing skills. Time in classroom will be spent both on and off the keyboards. Students will experience opportunities for growth in the understanding of music elements; rhythm, melody, form, and harmony, . The curriculum is differentiated and allows for
individual advancement according to skill level of each student.

MATERIALS: Student MUST have a piano or keyboard at home for practice

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Musical Theater
The class will investigate the various elements from the production side of musicals, for example choreography, composing, directing. Students will study selected segments from various musicals to analyze the components of a musical. Students will then create their own musical scene, creating a dance number, composing a song, creating a script, costuming, directing and filming.
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Using Math with Fantasy Sports
Students will use math concepts to calculate the performance of a fantasy sports team.
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Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)
Students will learn about and investigate how forensic scientists collect and analyze crime scene evidence. Topic supports NGSS by focusing on properties of matter, physical and chemical changes, forces and motion, and other science content. Inquiry based labs/activities support NGSS's cross-cutting concepts.
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Studio Art
Students explore various projects intended to enhance their visual arts knowledge, as well as, drawing and painting abilities, such as line drawings, shaded drawings, scale, and perspective drawings. Students use a variety of media for in-class and take-home assignments to create a portfolio for the marking period. Students’ observational skills are developed through the exploration of subjects such as still-life, landscape, and the human form as well as through the creation of original pieces. Students are encouraged to develop an expressive style and explore their own creativity.
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Current Events
Students will take part in discussions, Socratic seminars, philosophical chairs and other activities related to current events. Students will be expected to support their statements with evidence and tie current events to their personal life, to historical events and to other disciplines. Students will gain 21st century skills in problem solving as they defend their ideas.
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Yoga and Mindfulness
Students will learn breathing and mindfulness techniques and practice yoga poses. Students will learn how to calm their minds and bodies so that they can be more productive students.
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Trivia Challenge Fun
Students would be able to take part in creating and participating in trivia challenges. They would have the chance to create and compete against each other individually and in teams. The questions would come from every content area, including history, geography, sports, travel, language arts, math, music, television, and everyday things.
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Advanced Art - Grades 7 and 8 only
For students serious about advancing their artistic skills. Advanced Art students will develop a portfolio full of both two and three-dimensional works using various media including but not limited to paint, charcoal, pastels, plaster, and paper mache.
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Introduction to Middle School Art
Students will focus on basic skills in drawing and painting and two-dimensional artworks.
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World Music
Travel the world through the study of music and dance! What kind of music do they listen to in Japan? Can you name a musical instrument from India? What is a Haka? Come experience World Music class and find out! (Note: This is NOT a performance class, you do not have to sing or dance.)
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American Popular Music
From ragtime to hip hop, learn about the development of pop music in America. How was rap created? What are the blues? Who influenced your favorite current musician? Sign up for American Popular Music to answer these questions and many more!
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Audio/Visual Class
Audio Visual is an introduction to Apple computers and applications used on this platform. We work with 27” iMacs and several Macbook pros.

The class focuses on Apple's Final Cut Pro X 10.3.4 Students will learn how to film, import, edit and export video, audio and stills during the Final Cut Pro X session, editing 6k, 4k,1080P and other formats. Students will learn how to export to Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook and burn Blu-ray dvd’s. Final Cut Pro X is being used in movies, commercials, in colleges and by professional video editors. Revolutionary video editing using the new Magnetic Timeline 2.

Students will begin to work with Apple Motion and Compressor. This year will mark the first time that Motion will be taught to students at Lakeside, using powerful tools to create 2D & 3D production segments. Create 3D text and send it over to Final Cut to complete your editing. Add filters, stunning effects, generators, transitions and watch the magic happen. After you complete your project you will start to take full advantage of where it goes with apple Compressor. Send one project to ten formats at once! We will also start to add Apple’s Logic Pro X into the course. Logic Pro is a professional music editing application known world wide in the professional music community.

We are also adding TinkerCad for 3D object creation along with our powerful 3D printers and scanner by Makerbot. Design, create, refine and print 3D objects in class, moving from a prototype model to a full scaled design.

The class will begin to develop a vocabulary related to 21st century technology and professional equipment. All students are exposed to state of the art hardware and software. Some examples:

1. AVRover 3D unit
2. Sony 4K cameras
3. Autodesk 2018 programs
4. Makerbot Mini & Replicator 5th gen. 3D printers
5. Digital Juice
6. FX Factory Pro
7. Adobe Creative Cloud
8. Newtek TriCaster Mini
9. Video Blocks
10. Logic Pro X

The list represents a significant portion of current technologies used in the educational and professional world of technology. We currently only offer this collection of resources at Lakeside Middle School in our school district. Please consider this class during the 2017 - 2018 school Year. This is a serious class for students who want the opportunity to create and learn using professional tools.

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