ASAP (After School Activity Program / Activités Sportives au Parascolaire)

January 8 to March 15 -

Super cold! Super cool activities!

For these cold months, the JHS team hopes you will enjoy the variety of activities we have planned for you.

The ASAP is offered free to school families. However, there are many costs associated with the program: direct costs (payment of instructors) and indirect costs (search for grants, purchase of materials, reports, accounting, find coaches, management of registrations, communications, scheduling), which is all managed with lots of volunteer time.

ASAP is not a drop-in program: there are a limited number of spots available in any ASAP activity, and there are almost always waitlists. When parents register their child in an ASAP activity, their child will occupy a spot that is no longer available to another child. It is important for parents to treat attendance at ASAP activities as they would any other extracurricular programs they pay for their child to participate in.

If you would like to remove your child from an activity, please let us know so that we can give their spot to another child. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Please refer to the ASAP schedule included in this email and/or posted on our WEB site under the bookmark "<athletics>" to facilitate your registration process. Also, pay attention to the specific schedule (dates and times) of each activity.

- Time change: we will start at 15:35 and finish for 16:35. This 15 minutes will allow teachers a better transition time between regular class and ASAP activity.

- Between 3:20 and 3:35, students must eat their snacks. They must sit on the benches in the corridor and wait for the instructor. No students should enter in the class/gym without the presence of a instructor / facilitator.

- There will be no ASAP on February 19, 20 and 21 because of NWTTA teacher conference.

- Most activities can accommodate parents as participants. If you are interested, ask the instructor. For Kin-Ball, parents are more than welcome.

M. Sévigny


Please note that there is a maximum number of students who can participate in each activity - the first students to sign up will be given the priority. Once the maximum number of participants has been reached, the option will be eliminated from this form and you will no longer be able to sign up. Otherwise, if you are able to select an option, that means the activity is still open. The system will NOT send you an email confirmation once you have registered your child - if you can register = your child is registered.

If the activity you wish does not appear in the form, that means that the number of students permitted has been attained and the activity is no longer available. If you want to be put on a waiting list, please register your child at the end of the form. The waiting list will be generated in the order of registrations received. We will contact you ONLY if a space becomes available.

Please note that you will have to complete this form for each child in your family.

For general information for the registration, please communicate with M. Sévigny by email ONLY ( Otherwise you can reach him at school 873-3477 or by message text : 445-9758. Please note that M.Sévigny generally responds to emails, messages, texts messages and phone messages within 72 hours, weekdays. Please, no calls on the cell, unless there is an emergency. Thank you! Please contact the school secretary only for emergencies.

For activity-specific questions, please contact the instructor and/or chaperone directly. Their contact will be in the ASAP schedule.

ASAP is a free event and financed by MACA. ASAP is run by JHS and YMCA as partners. If your child is enrolled in YMCA daycare, he/she must meet with the YMCA staff before coming to ASAP's activities. Once the ASAP's activity is over, he/she must return to the YMCA daycare.

Initially, parents/guardians are expected to prepare/explain to the student the expectations. The student must leave the classroom prepared and organized for the activity. It is not the responsibility of the classroom teacher to take care of your child after 3:20 p.m. Any issues / concerns, please contact M.Sévigny.

Please note that the schedule may change at any time, please check our website. If an activity is cancelled, there will be no supervision for your child. An announcement will be made on the intercom. Your child should take the necessary steps to contact you. You must teach your child to communicate with you in case of cancellation or changes in schedule.


The JHS team.

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