Tell Us About Your Experiences of Brainchild
We want our work making Brainchild a better anti-racist organisation to be informed & shaped by the experiences of Black people and POC in our community, so we've created this survey as a dedicated space for you to share your experiences with us.

It is anonymous and strictly confidential and will not be shared beyond our senior management team.

We appreciate that these forms can be hard work and we're hugely grateful to anyone who's up for filling this in. If you'd prefer to speak to us on the phone, or send us a voice note, please email us at to arrange.

This survey is designed for Black people and POC in our community however it is also open to white people provided they have relevant observations or information to share.
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How have you been involved with Brainchild so far?
Do you feel that Brainchild spaces are safe & inclusive for Black people and People of Colour?
If you were involved as a performer or in production, did you feel supported in this capacity?
Have you ever been made to feel uncomfortable, experienced harassment, micro-aggressions, or racial discrimination at Brainchild Festival, or in other Brainchild spaces?
If you can, please share details about when and where.
Have you felt like there's been an effective, open and appropriate channel (at our festival, events or online) to communicate with us about these experiences?
Based on these experiences, are there suggestions you have for how Brainchild could better support Black people and People of Colour?
Is there anything else you'd like to tell us that we've not asked about?
About You
We appreciate that diversity monitoring forms are often a pain, so we don't want to hassle you with lots of checkboxes. However there are a few details about who you are that will help us contextualise your responses to this survey, and will be very helpful to us in this work, if you'd be happy to share them.
Your email address
If you'd be happy for us to follow up with you, or you want to talk to us about something you've shared, please leave your email address here. This is not a requirement if you wish to remain anonymous.
What ethnicity best describes you? *
We have left this open for you to self-describe, but we also ask that you please provide an answer that will help us contextualise your experiences (eg. not, 'human' or 'citizen of the world').
What Best Describes Your Gender? *
We're sorry about Google forms 'other' but if you prefer to self describe then please use this box.
Do you identify as trans? *
What best describes your sexual orientation?
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Do you consider yourself to have a disability?
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Thanks so much for taking the time to fill this in, we will be publicly sharing our actions as a result of this survey as soon as possible.
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