Hall of Fame Student Nomination- Please read the requirements
Nominees must meet the following requirements-


1. The nominee must have distinguished them self through exceptional achievement at Londonderry High School.
2. The nominee’s year of graduation must NOT be within the last five years.
3. The nominee must have displayed exceptional sportsmanship and moral conduct abiding by the Life of a Lancer criterion.
4. The nominee must have excelled in one or more activities, bringing honor to themselves and
Londonderry High School. This may include but is not limited to-
a. All State honors (athletics, academics, music or art)
b. All American or National Interscholastic Honors
c. Other extraordinary accomplishments such as establishing school or state records in his or her sport.
d. Brought honor to the school in post high school accomplishments.
5. The nominee may have distinguished himself or herself in an activity that brought honor to himself or herself in the community or state or country in her/his chosen profession
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References: Please provide two references for this nominee to be contacted should further information be required. Please include phone number, email address and a brief description of each reference's connection to the nominee Reference #1
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If you have any other information you feel is pertinent for the committee to take into consideration, please add it here
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