Let's not mispronounce Retro Rocks as Adele Dazeem... We're gonna crash KIMYE's wedding and
Party like it's 2014!!!
The year was 2014...we learned how to speak GROOT, millions were donated to ALS research with
just some ice and a bucket, the winter Olympics were in Sochi, and...
Jersey Pinelands Curling Club was born!!!

Come help us kick off our 5 year anniversary and help figure out where all this U2 music on my
playlist came from on
Saturday, June 22nd, 6:30pm-???

Friendly Points Spiel, Teams Randomly Assigned, Two 1.5 hour Games
Late Night Grilled Cheeses and Tomato Soup Served
Prizes will be awarded for spiel points, costumes, trivia, dessert contest and button draws
$40 per person (pay online or cash/check at the door)
Don't LET IT GO: Advance Registration Required, limited open spots
I am Groot: for more information
Polar Vortex Curling at: Igloo, 3033 Fostertown Rd, Mt Laurel, NJ 08054

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