Save the EnviroSlug Office
RCC staff have refused to renew the lease on our office and we need YOUR help to save it!

If you personally would like to support our cause, please read the following resolution and sign it by giving your name and email. If you are also part of a larger organization, feel free to bring this back to your respective org/department to see about giving us formal endorsement.


Resolution for Sustainability, Integrity, and Student Leadership

WHEREAS, the University is committed to diversity, social responsibility and environmental stewardship,

WHEREAS, UCSC College Housing & Educational Services (CHES) is committed to “creating, implementing, and maintaining a comprehensive array of living learning programs and support services that advance UCSC’s educational, research, and public service mission”,

WHEREAS, students have little to no say on academic curriculum and development on campus

WHEREAS, Enviroslug is a collective of the Student Environmental Center, Campus Sustainability Council and the Education for Sustainable Living Program, all of which lead innovative research and programming opportunities that further sustainability on campus,

WHEREAS, Enviroslug offers undergraduate students an opportunity to create and facilitate their own curriculum on sustainability issues through the Carson 60/61/161 course,

WHEREAS, for 15 years, Enviroslug has created the Blueprint for a Sustainable Campus, a living document that captures the community’s vision for sustainability, and has become the guiding document for many organizations, departments, and offices across the campus,

WHEREAS, Enviroslug directly impacts and provides funding to multiple student organizations on campus through our distribution and management of Student Measures 9 and 14,

WHEREAS, Enviroslug's success is predicated on having a space that is visible, open, and available to all students, regardless of major, college affiliation, or identity,

WHEREAS, the Enviroslug office has been our home for 15 years, and has established a sense of belonging for many of the past, present, and future generations of student organizers,

WHEREAS, our office serves as a testament to the University's support of student agency, sustainable action, and the value of student organizations as an integral part of the campus community,

WHEREAS, Colleges, Housing and Educational Services (CHES) is planning to displace and disrupt all student programs operating out of the Enviroslug office in order to house one administrative staff member,

WHEREAS, CHES has expressed value in our organization, their unwillingness to negotiate with Enviroslug shows a lack of respect and commitment to the work that we do,

Therefore, let it be resolved that________(YOUR NAME/ORG)_______ Supports and joins in solidarity with Enviroslug in:

- Supporting student led organizations in their efforts to further campus sustainability initiatives

- Demanding that the lease on the current Enviroslug office, RCC Room 210, be renewed indefinitely so students can continue to work on critical issues relating to sustainability and student life;


To learn more about our organizations please visit our website:

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