Proof Bitcointalk Signature Bounty
BitcoinTalk Signature Campaign: 32200 PRFT

Signature Campaign Pre-requisites:

You must make at least 55 posts using the Signature by the end of the Proof ICO in order to be eligible for the reward.
Users with negative trust will be ineligible. Likewise, if you dip into negative numbers during the duration of the bounty you will also be ineligible for a reward.

Posts in Alt Coin and alt currency forums are required.

No Spam
Do not use another site’s avatar
If you change your signature while the campaign is ongoing, you will be disqualified.

BitcoinTalk Signature Bounty

Member : 1 Stake / Week
Full Member: 1.5 Stakes / Week
Sr. Member: 1.75 / Week
Hero Member: 2 Stakes / Week
Legendary: 2.5 Stakes / Week


Full Members

Senior Members

Hero/Legendary Members

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