Serendipity 2019
The Thought Leader Formula Workshop
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1) Business Model
What are your current revenue streams? Which do you want to grow? What new revenue streams would you like to add?
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2) Your Main Goal
What will being a thought leader benefit or drive?
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3) Fundamental Truth, aka main theme or hook
What do you believe that most people don't believe? What is that truth?
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4) Why do you do what you do? What drives you?
Some of the best “whys” include overcoming a hardship, learning a lesson, experiencing trauma. This should relate or connect to your above truth.
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5) Describe 1 customer avatar
Age, gender, job title, education level, industry, location, health, interests, marital status, children
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6) Map the Ecosystem
Jot down 1-2 conferences and 1-2 thought leaders in your thought leader ecosystem
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7) Content Channels
Choose 1-2 content channels to start: Social media, mainstream media, industry specific publications, LinkedIn, etc
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8) Book title and subtitle
This fits on the back of a napkin
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9) What 2 events could be the first ones for you on stage?
Academic, TEDx, create your own event in your home or a rented space
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10) 1 year goals related to thought leadership
Examples: Create a 15 minute keynote, book 5 speaking engagements, etc
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