Legacy Toxicity in Formal Leaders' Low-Morale Experiences
If you are a formal library leader who has dealt with or is dealing with low morale (workplace abuse and neglect) and Legacy Toxicity, please share your experience. Legacy Toxicity is defined as "the dysfunctional environment inherited by a person who assumes a leadership position in a toxic organization or group. Such toxicity may not be effectively mitigated due to the previous incumbent's role in a) engaging in or perpetuating abuse/neglect, b) already exhausting avenues to eradicate it, and/or c) organizational, group, or individuals' conscious or unconscious resistance to the new leader's attempts to reduce or eradicate the source(s) of toxicity" (Kendrick, n.p.).

No questions request personally identifying details, and none of the questions require a response. Your submission may be edited, checked for anonymity, and shared on the Renewers forum, on social media platforms, and in teaching or support materials. This form takes as long to fill out as required for you to contemplate and share your experience - offer as much or little information as you like. Thank you for sharing your experience. This exploratory survey is being conducted by Kaetrena Davis Kendrick, M.S.L.S. (kaetrenadavis@gmail.com)
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Are you currently experiencing low morale (defined as "exposure to repeated, protracted exposure to workplace abuse/neglect" - Kendrick, 2017)?
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How long has your low-morale experience been going on (if you’re no longer in an active low-morale experience, how long did the past experience last)?
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Your experience of Legacy Toxicity...
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During your experience of Legacy Toxicity, you are/were a...
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Who is/was involved in perpetuating the Legacy Toxicity? (Choose all that apply)
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Please share other concerns or strategies you have about dealing with or reducing Legacy Toxicity.
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