If you fail this I will come after you. (You will not be able to participate in the strategy discussions until you pass the test.)
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Last Name: *
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T/F HATCH PANELS are pre-loaded in only one of the LOADING STATIONS at the start of the match *
Explain the the Pre-Loading process on the CARGO SHIP *
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What is populated into the 2 bays facing the alliance station on the CARGO SHIP *
How do NULL HATCH PANELS differ from normal HATCH PANELS? *
T/F Can a Driver control a robot during the SANDSTORM PERIOD? *
Where are the "safe zones" where the robot cannot get hit (or if it does there is a foul called) Select all that apply *
In what situations can you launch a hatch panel? *
How far can the robot extend out of its frame perimeter *
T/F Can the robot start the match with an extension outside of the frame perimeter? *
What is the maximum perimeter your robot base can be? *
T/F can you remove game pieces from the opponent's CARGO BAY? *
What happens if you get a tech foul? *
If you hold a HATCH PANEL and a CARGO at the same time you will get a... *
What is a foul? *
Can you remove CARGO from the opponent's HAB ZONE? *
Can you cross to the opponent's side of the field (cross the CARGO SHIP line) during the sandstorm? *
If you pin a robot for more than 5 seconds you will get a... *
How long is the SANDSTORM period? *
the budget constraint for the robot is 5000. Do we have to include the cost of parts we've reused in this number *
What is the weight limit not including bumpers and the battery? *
Where are vision targets? (choose all that apply) *
How many robots can you have on the opponents side of the field *
In what situations can you get a ranking point (choose all that apply) *
How tall are you allowed to be during endgame? *
How much CARGO and HATCH PANELS are required in one ROCKET to score a ranking point? *
How many game pieces can a robot have in one instance? *
Are you allowed to peek around the SANDSTORM blinds? *
Do you get points for extra CARGO in the ROCKET and/or CARGO SHIP? *
In what situations can you launch CARGO? (Select all that apply) *
T/F on the opponent's side of the field, you extend beyond your perimeter *
How many HAB climbing points are required for a ranking point? *
Match the objective to the point values *
Placing a CARGO
HAB Climb Bonus 1
HAB Climb Bonus 2
HAB Climb Bonus 3
Who are the best rules test makers?
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Is a water game confirmed?
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