Gymniks Team Tryouts 2022 - Please read all of the info below before filling out the try-out form.

The first level of Gymniks’ competition team is called Xcel Bronze. For this level, gymnasts need beginner skills like roundoff, cartwheel, hip pull over on bars, needle on beam, and more. During try-outs and evaluations for our team we will evaluate these skills and see if the child has the skills needed to compete or has the potential to get those skills throughout the summer. A child needs to be at least 5 by November to participate on this team. For our team we are looking for gymnasts that show interest in the sport, show potential to get the skills needed, and have focus and listening skills necessary to fine tune the skills and progress in the sport. Below is a little more information about what meets are like, and the hours and pricing of the team.

Our Bronze team practice 6 hours a week. For the summer the practice hours will be Monday 4-6 at 31st street, Thursday 4-6 at 31st street, and Friday 9-11 at our 46th street tumbling gym. When school starts in the fall, the Friday tumbling gym practice will switch to Saturday mornings (still 9-11). Tuition is $130 per month. Our team practices are closed, parents can walk children in until class starts and come back about 15 minutes prior to class ending.

June 6th, 9th, and 10th will be our try-out and evaluations. We are doing these evaluations during the actual hours that this team will practice (Monday and Thursday 4-6 and Friday 9-11) so that the gymnasts can get a good idea of how the actual practices will be run, as well as for the coaches to see which gymnasts are ready for our competition team. If you are interested in trying out for our team but cannot make those dates, we can set up another try out time. We will send out emails on either Friday the 10th or Saturday the 11th to let you know if your gymnast has made our Bronze team. If your gymnast makes our Bronze team, they will continue to practice those hours starting on June 13th. Tuition for June will be due June 13th as well.

If your child is in other activities or sports we encourage them to continue enjoying those things as well! We want our gymnasts to be at most practices, but if they need to miss a random practice for a school function or need to skip a Saturday morning practice for a soccer game we completely understand- as long as they are not missing practices excessively. There are not make up times for team practices.

If your gymnast makes our competitive team, they will continue working on skills, start learning routines, and perfect those routines leading up to competitions. Competitions start in November and go through March. We typically do about one meet per month with our bronze team. Most of the meets we travel to are 2-3 hours away. We go places like Huntington, Morgantown, Columbus, and Cincinnati. For a gymnastics meet, your child will only compete one day of the meet weekend. Most meets run all weekend long, but each level goes at a different time. So for example- if bronze competed at meet #1 at 8am on Saturday, they would never need to return on a Sunday or later on Saturday for any reason- the other levels would be competing then. Most sessions are about 3 hours long, and they do the awards right after that session concludes.

Each level has certain requirements and restrictions for skills in routines. We make the routines for each level of our team and put skills in those routines appropriate for that level, that will also get the highest potential score. At a meet all gymnasts of the bronze level are judged by the same criteria, requirements, and deductions. Gymnasts are scored on a 10.0 scale and get scores on 4 events: Vault, Bars, Beam, and Floor. All gymnasts on the team will compete all four events.

At awards, gymnasts are divided into age groups in each level. So a bronze gymnast that is 10 won’t be competing against a gymnast that is 5. Usually for awards, they will award a percentage of competitors in each age group on every event and the all-around. All-around is the total score of all 4 events. After they have awarded each age group, they do team awards. The season concludes in March with the WV State Meet. After the State Meet, gymnasts then start working the skills for the next level!

As part of a competitive team, your child will need apparel. There is a practice leotard- we call it the summer leo- gymnasts can wear this to practice and also when participating in any exhibitions or shows. The competition leotard is only worn to competitions. This is a long sleeved leo. There is also a warm-up outfit and a backpack for competitions. These are listed on the expense sheet that you will see below with estimated due dates and costs.

On the expense sheet you will also see “meet fees”. Meet fees cover your child’s entry into each meet. Most meets are between $90-$130. We estimate the upcoming season’s costs now and divide it into 4 payments throughout the summer and fall, so that not all meet fees are due at the same time. Once we know the exact amount of meet fees for the year (usually around September) I will adjust the October meet fee accordingly. For example- the estimated meet fees are $660- if the actual meet fee total is $600 once we get the meet totals, I will let everyone know to pay $105 for the October meet fee instead of the estimated price. We do not yet know the exact prices because most meets do not have all of their info out yet, but as soon as we get all the info (usually September) we will send the exact prices, and a meet schedule for the season!

Meet fees are paid to GCT. This is a separate account we have set up just for our team expenses. By October you should have all the meet fees for the year put into your GCT account (as you can see on the attached price sheet), and we use that money to register your child for each meet. Coaches’ fees are also paid into GCT and are used by the coaches for all travel expenses for each meet. Please look over the expense sheet below for estimated due dates and prices. I will be sending out exact prices for the apparel soon on an updated price sheet for those that make the Bronze team, but wanted to give everyone an idea of what costs will be to help make the decision in trying out for our team.

We realize this is a big commitment both with time and money. Please look over the price sheet and discuss as a family if this is something you would like to commit to. Please let me know if you have any questions about anything. I tried to explain most of the info, but feel free to ask me any questions about the team! You can email me at , or if you are at the gym for your child's class and would like to talk in person, just ask for Nikki or Liz!

If this is a commitment you would like to make, and you would like your child to try out for our team, please fill out the form and submit below!

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This is last year's meet schedule, I have attached it here so you can get an idea of where we travel and how many meets the Bronze team participates in. As you can see below, the Bronze team participated in 7 meets last season. The meets highlighted in yellow are not mandatory for any level, but were open to those that wanted to participate as a fun travel meet. We usually try to offer a fun travel meet each year for those interested!
Please look over this expense sheet which lists all the expenses: tuition, apparel, meet fees, and coaches fees.
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