Application for Grade 5 Education Sponsorship of a BIA Exhibit
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What is being sponsored?
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Sponsorship Activities
Outline the educational activities to be pursued *
Educational activities should include learning more about the sponsored species or exhibit and creating educational materials such as signs, pictures, and information about their sponsored exhibit (up to one page [5000 characters] in length).
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Do you agree to participate in a "DPSCD Day at the BIA"? *
Student members of the sponsorship team must agree to present their sponsored exhibit at a "DPSCD Day at the BIA." The event will be an opportunity for students to be a "docent for a day" (actually a much shorter time) to display the signs, pictures, and descriptions of their sponsored exhibit to the public. To be allowed to sponsor an exhibit, this question must be answered "yes."
Provide a plan to assess the impact on students *
This section must be completed by the teacher supervising the sponsorship activity. Provide a plan to assess the impact of the proposed sponsorship activities on students. (up to half a page [2500 characters] in length)
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Endorsement and Certification
I agree to supervise this sponsorship activity as described *
By entering your name and the date below, you endorse this sponsorship activity (if submitted by a group of students) and certify that it will be carried out with your supervision to the greatest extent possible, as described in the above proposal.
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