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Chag Purim Sameach
Happy Purim!
The Sisterhood Needs Your Help This Year!

Our Sisterhood is about to embark on the annual hamentashen baking and sale. We have customers from all over Portland who buy these tasty treats and in turn Sisterhood funds many wonderful aspects of our community. Our hardworking bakers are about to start a multi-week process that will eventually make about 30,000 hamentashen! This is a wonderful, community-building endeavor.

Jobs include: rolling dough, shape balls of fruit, knipping the edges of the hamentashen (the best part!), egg washing, baking, packing and more. It’s great fun, and a great community builder. Everyone is invited to help, including children 12 and over.

Lunch is provided free for all volunteers each day of baking. We have aprons available in our kitchen; feel free to bring your own apron if you'd like. Questions? Email

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