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Oasis Center offers an in-person intense 5 day, 5 hours per day (9 am – 2 pm) Job Readiness work Camp (JRWC). This class is offered as a prerequisite for most of the living wage jobs offered through the South Dallas Employment Project (SDEP) – a prerequisite for free vocational certification to qualified participants, and industry recognized certification training offered through the SDEP. The camp provides job readiness, life and cognitive skills, resume writing, job search assistance, and job placement with corporate partners. Adult education, ESL and on-site low-energy training and placement are available.

For more information, contact Ruth Burton, rburton@oasisctr.org or call 972-437-3801 Ext. 2

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For all positions, upon completion of the Job Readiness Work Camp, you will be assigned a Work Coach for up to 90-days.  He/She will help you with your career choice.
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