University Supervisor Evaluation- Fall 2019
This form is to be completed by the Intern at the end of the term. It should accurately evaluate the University Supervisor with whom the Intern worked during the semester.
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During the internship, my University Supervisor.... *
Attempted to make me feel at ease during observations.
Used constructive criticism when conferring with me about teaching.
Seemed to understand the more unique aspects of my placement.
Rendered fair and reasonable appraisals of my teaching.
Responded promptly and thoroughly to my questions and problems.
Seemed genuinely interested in me and my development as a teacher.
Observed my teaching in a variety of contexts and situations.
Listened actively to my ideas and opinions.
Spent extra time with me, when necessary.
Communicated realistic expectations of me as an intern.
Collected sufficient information to adequately evaluate my performance.
Emphasized strengths as well as weaknesses in my performance.
Outlined clear objectives for the improvement of my performance.
Facilitated and participated in a mid-term and final conference with both me and my Cooperating Teacher.
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