New Horizons School Application Form 2020-2021
Please ensure that you complete this application form and other supporting documents are submitted on or before February 13, 2020.(see the Admissions Handbook located on the Admissions page of our website at for more information).

The information collected on this form as part of the school application process is personal information as referred to in the FOIP Act. This personal information is collected pursuant to Section 33 of the FOIP Act as the collection is related directly to and is necessary to a school board’s obligation to provide students with an education program that meets their needs. For more information contact or phone the principal at 780-416-2353.

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I am interested in enrolling my child in kindergarten. My child will be 5 years old on or before December 31, 2020. *
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Student's Current School (Grades 1-9)
If your child is in grade 1-9, please provide the name of your child's current school.
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An assessment of cognitive ability is a requirement for admission into New Horizons school. Students must demonstrate superior cognitive ability .

Parents have two options for a cognitive assessment.

Option 1: In-School Assessment
New Horizons School has an In-Take day that provides a no-fee cognitive assessment for students from K-9. The kindergarten assessment uses the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test and Otis-Lennon School Ability Test. Grade 1-9 students are assessed with the Canadian Cognitive Abilities Test. The assessments are held one day only on March 6, 2020. Note that there is a limit of 55 spots for the no-fee kindergarten assessment. For more information see our Admissions Handbook.

Option 2: Registered Psychologist
Parents may opt to use a registered psychologist to have their child assessed with an intelligence test. Parents are responsible for the costs associated with this assessment. Note that parents of kindergarten students who use this option will still be required have their child participate in a group observation activity on March 6, 2020. For more information see our Admissions Handbook.

IF YOU CHANGE YOUR MIND, please inform
Which assessment option do you intend to use? *
If you are using your our in-school assessment we will require your child's age for the assessment. Please indicate how old your child will be on March 6, 2020 by using YEARS and MONTHS. *
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In order to improve the way we reach out to the gifted child community, please share how you heard about about New Horizons School.
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