T2020 Regionwide Programs - Getting There Together Survey
The Getting There Together Coalition would like your input! In July, Metro released Regionwide Program Concepts for the T2020 Task Force to consider and prioritize. We want to make sure they know what people in the region want out of regional programs.

Please share your / your organization's thoughts on the proposed regional programs for Metro's T2020 Transportation Measure. There are currently about 15 program proposals, plus GTT has suggested four additional concepts for consideration (community safety training, participatory budgeting, transit service expansion, and paratransit expansion). The T2020 Task Force will be making recommendations at their August 21 meeting to choose approximately 5 programs for consideration in the $5-10M/year range for each program.

For your reference, the image directly below indicates Metro's analysis on how the Program Concepts line up with Task Force Values.

Regionwide Program Concepts & Task Force Values
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