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Miss Porter's School is committed to providing opportunities for smart, hardworking students from a variety of backgrounds, and widening Geographic diversity (domestic and global) helps us to broaden the different perspectives within our community.
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Miss Porter's strives to create a diverse community in which all members are safe, respected and valued. We believe that in actively promoting a diverse learning environment, we are fostering intellectual, social and emotional growth for all. We are proud of the diversity of our Ancients and want that to be reflected in our volunteers. Please feel free to share more about your identity and/or your unique experience at Porter's.
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Our community of Ancients is multifaceted with unique abilities, complementary skills and different experiences -- that when shared will broaden our perspective to become a better team of volunteers for the community.
Thank you for filling out our Volunteer Form! Questions? Please contact Tonja Russo, Assistant Director of Alumnae Relations at (860) 409-3670 or trusso@missporters.org
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