MoonLite Project - Profit Share Registration

** This form should only be completed by Moonlite Project (MNL) token holders who are eligible to participate, and wish to register for profit share distributions for the period ended 31 December 2020. This does NOT include Buy-Back submissions **

1. Please may all token holders aim to have their registrations submitted before 30 July 2021 in order to allow for a swift distribution process.

2. This registration will remain open until 31 September 2021 as to allow for late submissions.

3. Token holders who own multiple wallets containing MNL tokens may register multiple times by repeating this form, submitting one submission per wallet. Holders who register more than one wallet address per submission will be disqualified.

4. Processing of the distributions will take place on a bi-weekly basis, and all submissions from token holders at that point in time will be processed.

5. Submissions are final and cannot be amended, removed, or deleted. Please submit your details carefully.

6. Each entry will be checked against our token distribution system and/or the ETH blockchain before being approved. If the information you provide is incorrect, your submission will be rejected. Rejection or disqualification notices will NOT be sent to the user.

7. Any remaining funds allocated for this distribution will be credited to the next round of profit share distributions.

8. Token holders who fail to make their submissions before 31 September 2021 will forfeit the opportunity to register for their profit share payments.

**This distribution process is in accordance with the Inaugural Report, White Paper, and our Terms and Conditions in relation to tokenisation and token holders. Please refer to for more information.
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What is the address of the ETH Wallet that contains your MNL tokens? *
What is the total number of MNL tokens in your wallet? *
How many of these tokens do you wish to claim non-buyback profit share for? (hint: this may be different to the previous answer if you have subscribed for token buyback's) *
I confirm that I am eligible to participate in this profit sharing process, and accept the terms and conditions of The Moonlite Project contained on the website and in the Inaugural Report *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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