Other Activity (Blog and Media Program & Other cooperation)

PlayBets decided to allocate 2% of the overall token distribution for bounty pool divided into different bounty campaigns
15% of the bounty pool is to be allocated to Other Activity (Blog and Media Program) ( 900.000 PLT Tokens)

If you wrote a review article or made a video review of our company, then you can get a reward, to get that, you need to:
• Fill in the form here
• Specify a link to an article or video
• Specify the subject of the article\video
• Once a week we conduct a check up
• If the quality and informativeness will satisfy us, you will get one share for each article/video

Important : Weekly, the calculation of the shares of each participant will be performed, indicating the company's Bounty Document
Please be aware that any unrelated to blogging campaign applications won’t be accepted!

Thank you for your participation! You can monitor statistics and campaign status here
We are opened for any propositions for any activity for white us here or info@playbets.io

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