Women Lawyers of Sacramento - Board Member Application
The following questions are to be answered by active members of WLS, in good standing. Deadline 9/30/2021.
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Current place of employment (Law Student: indicate current law school) *
Why do you want to join the Board of Women Lawyers of Sacramento? *
What is one way you believe WLS should give back to our community and why? *
Which committee(s) are you interested in serving upon? Click all that apply (More detailed committed description click here: https://www.womenlawyers-sacramento.org/committees.html) *
The following additional questions are ONLY to be answered by individuals who have been active members of WLS for the previous twelve (12) months:
The Executive Committee is looking to fill the positions of Secretary and Treasurer.
Which Executive Committee position (Secretary or Treasurer) are you interested in and why? *
What qualities do you have that would position you for success on the Executive Committee? *
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