15U Women's Talent ID Camp Registration 2006/2007 Born Athletes
Each athlete will only be required to attend one Talent ID Camp. Athletes will receive two 1-hour on-court sessions as part of the Talent ID Process at a cost of $40.


Please ensure you are registering for the correct Talent ID Camp based on your residence. If you are unsure which Talent ID camp to register for please consult the Sask Sport District list and map on our Provincial Team Page: https://www.basketballsask.com/?page_id=2392

We have limited space available in each camp. The Basketball Saskatchewan Office will be in contact with you if we cannot facilitate your registration due to group limits being reached.

TAS athletes do not need to attend Talent ID Camps
Talent ID Camp - Limited Space Available in Each Camp (Note: Athletes must reside in Regina to attend Regina ID Camps) *
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$40 Registration Fee. Please select your preferred payment option - The Basketball Saskatchewan Office will contact you with instructions on how to complete your payment *
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