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This is the application form for both the bandwith Capital and the bandwith Social Capital teams. You can learn more about bandwith at
What is your preferred email address for communication regarding your bandwith application? *
Are you applying for the bandwith Capital or the bandwith Social Capital team? *
If you are not selected for your preferred team, would you like to be considered for the other team as well? *
What is your motivation in applying for a bandwith team? *
Rather than rely on the tedious process of collecting and contacting references, we rely on each applicant to provide us with something to show that they are capable of contributing value to the successful creation of a company. This could be one or more of the following or something else entirely: evidence of one or more complex projects that you have worked on, academic recognition, experience in one or more roles, breadth of social and personal networks, a nonprofit/business/company that you started or contributed to, demonstration of an artistic ability, technical skills, etc. Please provide a description of your demonstrated value here, and if you are selected as an applicant finalist, we may reach out to obtain verification of your described accomplishment(s). *
We believe that each bandwith team benefits when its members have a diverse range of experiences, skill sets, passions, interests and motivations. If selected, what unique contributions would you add to your team? *
To help us understand your tolerance for persevering in the face of adversity, please share with us a challenge that you have faced and how you navigated it. *
Being a co-owner of a company that's not yet formed and which doesn't have a clear business model with 99 other people is daunting. It will be up to all 100 members of a team to pitch ideas for a business model to the team and to vote on everything from how to incorporate the company and structure the company's equity to making decisions about how to make decisions as a team. If a member pitches a business model that isn't selected, we need someone who will still throw everything they have into making the selected business model a success. Please acknowledge that, if selected as a member of a bandwith team, you commit to being a team player. *
Please acknowledge that while we don't ask for your name at this time, we will ask for proof of identity to the extent required by our co-ownership model if you are selected as a finalist for a bandwith team. *
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