The Hollins Instrumental Tuition 2020-2021
Dear Parent,

Your son/daughter has expressed an interest in extra-curricular music lessons. Every pupil has the right to receive extra-curricular instrumental lessons subject to availability of a teacher. There are many benefits of such lessons, including:

Pupils benefit academically in that skills and knowledge gained from peripatetic lessons may benefit their curriculum work
Pupils who receive peripatetic lessons have the opportunity to participate in a wealth of extra-curricular music activity.
Pupils gain spiritually, morally and socially, especially if they support their lessons by attending one of the extra-curricular groups.

Pupils are supported in selecting the appropriate instrument that they wish to learn. The school currently offers lessons in Piano, Singing, Trumpet, Guitar (including ukulele and bass guitar) and Drums. The current cost of music lessons are £80 per term and during the course of the academic year there will be 34 lessons. This will be invoiced via ParentPay at the start of each term. If you wish to learn to play an instrument that is not specified above, please specify it on the return form as enough interest gathered may allow a specialist tutor to be sought. In some cases, there will be opportunities for students to take part in a shared lesson (at a reduced cost of £60 per term), although this will only be for students who are in Key Stage 3 and/or in the first year of their lessons. If you wish to apply for this, please specify in the form below.

If you would like to participate in music lessons at The Hollins, please complete the information required, read and agree to the terms and conditions below and then submit the form by Friday 26th June 2020.

If you have any questions regarding instrumental lessons, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Kind regards,

B Parker
Teacher of Music
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Terms and Conditions
I agree to my child participating in instrumental lessons and agree to pay the required fee promptly.
I understand that pupils are expected to attend all lessons with one half term’s written notice required to cancel lessons, and that lessons will be withdrawn for non-payment.
I understand that if my child misses 3 consecutive lessons without valid reason, or 5 lessons over the space of a term, the lessons will be cancelled. Payment will still be taken until the end of that half term.
I agree that it is the responsibility of my son/daughter to check their instrumental lesson time on the notice board outside Room 38 each week, and if they cannot attend the lesson for any reason (e.g. the student has a test) that it is their responsibility to speak to Mr Parker to arrange an alternative time during that day.
All lessons missed through school absence and attendance on school trips will still be charged.
Should the instrumental tutor be absent for whatever reason, the lesson will be rearranged to an alternate date at some point in the term.
The fees for instrumental tuition are subsidised by the school and the school has the right to review the cost of instrumental lessons at any time.
Learning an instrument requires commitment, both during the school day and at home. This will be supported with a practice diary to allow progress and practice to be monitored.
The school cannot guarantee the possibility of shared lessons at all times. In some cases the student will only be able to register for instrumental lessons on an individual basis.
Students who opt for GCSE will be expected to have peripatetic lessons on an individual basis, although all of these cases will be judged individually.
I understand that if my child loans an instrument and it is subsequently damaged through misuse or stolen that I am responsible for its repair/replacement.

The Hollins Music Department
May 2020
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