4-H Camp Counselor Application
Outpost Camp
Open to Youth Grades 9-13
Due April 29th (This date is extended)
Counselor Training: June 8th Via ZOOM
Camp Dates: July 8-9
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Why do you want to be a camp counselor? What do you hope to learn from the experience? *
What level of swimming have you received, if any? *
What level of first aid instruction have you had, if any? *
Describe leadership experiences that you have had, especially those involving younger youth: *
Have you ever attended camp as a camper? If yes, indicate year and the name of the camp.
If you have been a camp counselor, please list the year, name of the camp, and duties you were responsible for.
The 4-H camp staff works as a team at camp. Describe the skill you will bring to the team. *
Describe what parents of 4-H campers expect of 4-H Camp staff when they send their child to 4-H camp *
Many parents have concerns that their children will be safe at 4-H camp. What things would you do to help 4-H campers feel safe? *
Which of the following are you comfortable leading at camp? Check all that apply. *
Letter of Recommendation
New camp counselors must include one letter of recommendation. It should describe your ability to work with a team, younger youth, etc. A letter of recommendation is not required for returning counselors. These are due to the Extension Office. Please mail your recommendation to "Monroe County 4-H, 206 South K Street, Sparta, WI"

A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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