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Northam Park, has kicked off a great season! We'd love to keep the momentum going - and wanted to reach out to get an understanding of those players and families who might be interested in a Summer Ball.
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Re: Fees. We'll have more information on these, once we better understand the interest. The league is happy to coordinate and organize, but please note families will responsible for the associated travel expenses, etc.
Re: Tournaments. UA hosts a travel tournament the weekend after the fourth of July and we anticipate all teams will participate. We will look at 3-4 other weekends (last weekend in June, July and August). Specific to 8U, we will look at the UA tournament and one other - and then spend the majority of the season on skills, mechanics, and game play.
Re: Friend/Coach Requests - this 'season' and type of play is a different school of thought than a Northam season. We might have enough interest to field 1 team in each division, we might have so much interest we field more than 1, and we may or may not need to hold a Saturday afternoon tryout. We are just not sure. Please do not note a friend or coach request, in other comments. Accommodating things as we had, with Northam this spring - is not sustainable.
Interested in volunteering, please check all that apply.
Anything else you'd like us to know, thanks!
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Thank you so much for your time and assistance!
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