Application to be a Restaurant Partner
Complete this form to express your interest in partnering with Houston Shift Meal to offer meals for Houston's hospitality workers affected by closures and layoffs related to the COVID-19 crisis.

We will contact you by email within 48 hours of receiving your submission to confirm your interest and provide all partnership requirement details. All requests will be considered case by case based on the capacity of our donations and the need from the community.


* Restaurants will need to provide a MINIMUM of 50-75 meals a day for $250 sponsorship.
* Restaurants will be responsible for maintaining portion control.
* Restaurant sets the time window of service and what will be served (today’s stew, rice dish, pasta, etc.).

Houston Shift Meal is intended to be a networking service. Our goal is to optimize sponsorship dollars to help as many restaurants sustain and prolong their efforts in this time of need. Our sponsorships come from suppliers, businesses, and individuals within the community.

*** Completion of this form is NOT a confirmation nor guarantee you funding from the program.***
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