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Bonjour à vous et bienvenu au “The Europeans“ - le premier club bilingue de Toastmasters à Paris. Nous parlons français et anglais. Parfois aussi de l‘humour.

Hello everyone and welcome to “The Europeans“ - the first bilingual Toastmasters Club in Paris. We speak French and English. Also humour at times.

Please use this signup form every time to visit “The Europeans“ to help us in planning.

Process to visit as GUEST

1. Sign up through this form.
2. Receive a personalised email three days before the meeting confirming your attendance and what to expect in a meeting. (Be sure to check your Spam Folder if your mailbox doesn’t recognise )
3. Confirm your participation through a Google calendar invite.

* Since everyone loves to be at “The Europeans“ we are constrained for space and we would appreciate All Guests to be serious about attending . No-shows are treated with impromptu speech requests next time. (Told you about Humour but we can be serious here 😊)*

- The Europeans

COVID19: For the time being we will run our meetings online.🖥
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❗️Update❗️For the 22nd July meeting we will meet at JARDIN DU LUXEMBOURG at 7pm. It’s an exceptional scenario.
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