Hite Health: Period Products Survey
This is an ANONYMOUS survey of your experience with period products to help us create products and services that will benefit women everywhere. This survey does NOT collect any personal identification information about you.

If you wish to contact us directly with a question or comments, then please use our CONTACT FORM at - https://hitehealth.net/contact/

Thank you for completing this survey, we really appreciate your time!
How old are you? *
Do you currently experience a regular menstrual cycle? *
What is the PRIMARY menstrual product that you use every period? *
What is the SECONDARY menstrual product that you use in addition to your primary product selected above? *
What other menstrual products do you use occasionally or have tried?
How much do you spend monthly on sanitary products, including pads/napkins, tampons, etc? *
What are the TOP three brands that you use (check 3 boxes below)? *
What are the TOP three issues you experience with your period (check 3 boxes below)? *
What TOP three things would you need to know before switching from your current products (check 3 boxes from the list below)? *
What are TOP three sources you use for information on women's health and wellness (check 3 boxes from the list below)? *
If you would like to share any other thoughts not covered in the survey questions above, then please use the space below (do not include any personal identification information).
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