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General Indoor Areas
Safety covers are on all electrical outlets
Floors are smooth and have nonskid surfaces. Rugs are skid-proof.
Walls and ceilings have no peeling paint and no cracked or falling plaster.
Trash is covered at all times.
Every child is accounted for at all times by a supervising adult.
Poisonous plants are not present either indoors or outdoors.
All poisons and other dangerous items (labeled KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN) are stored in locked cabinets out of children's reach.
The first aid kit is stocked with soap, bandaids, sterile gauze pads, tweezers, tape, scissors and disposable gloves.
Heavy equipment or furniture that may tip over is anchored.
Items are stored in their proper location. (diaper bags, purses inaccessible, etc.)
Teachers drinking cups have spill proof lids and are out of reach of children.
Toys and Equipment
Toys and play equipment have no sharp edges or points, small parts, pinch points, chipped paint, splinters, or loose nuts and bolts.
Toys are put away when not in use.
Toys and equipment are cleaned weekly.
Toys that are mouthed are washed after each use.
Infant walkers are not used.
Children's items are labeled (including cups, blankets, food, pacifiers, bottles, etc.)
Cribs are clear of all soft objects. (baby and light weight blanket only)
Equipment is regularly cleaned and sanitized. (beds, high chairs, tables, chairs, trays, saucers, swings, etc.)
Kitchen and Food Preparation and Storage Areas
Caregivers always wash hands before handling food.
Caregivers always wash children's hands before mealtimes.
Trash is always stored away from food preparations and storage areas.
Refrigerator temperature is monitored by thermometer and is kept at or below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.
Kitchen area is not accessible to children without constant adult supervision.
Food preparation surfaces are clean and are free from cracks and chips.
Cleansers and other poisonous products are stored in their original containers, away from food, and out of children's reach.
Children's food is labeled and opened food is dated.
Stable steps are available where needed.
Cleaning products and disinfectants are locked in a cabinet out of children's reach.
Caregivers and children always wash hands after toileting and diapering.
Trash cans for diapers, tissues, and other materials that come in contact with bodily fluids can be opened with a step pedal and are lined with a plastic bag, emptied daily and kept clean.
Paper towels and liquid soap are readily available at the sink.
Water temperature is checked is 110 degrees or less.
Active Play Areas
The first aid kit is able to be taken outside for use in the play yards.
Surfaces underneath indoor and outdoor play equipment that children can climb are covered with impact absorbing material according to CPSC recommendations.
All wooden parts are smooth and without splinters.
Equipment is free from protrusion, entrapment, and pinch points.
Bike or trike riding areas are separate from other areas.
Playgrounds are fenced in.
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